What is Skera ?

Demotivated sales force, inability of the sales / marketing team to cope up with daily meetings, instances of the warm lead saying no, difficulty in sharing crucial information with the team on ground?

We have spent years understanding the problems of the sales / marketing teams which work on ground. What are their aspirations, where do they lack, what services do they wish they were provided by their company, what makes or breaks any deal with the client are some of the many questions we have come across in majority of sales / marketing professionals.

In the digital era we live in, sales / marketing professionals still depend upon that one non-productive and time consuming thing to note down their daily piece of communications held with their clients -The Diary!

No matter how technologically advanced the world has become nothing down minutes of meeting, requirements of the client etc. are still done on a diary!

We understood the need of the hour and developed 'Skera'!

Why We Launch Skera?